Saturday, August 15, 2009

Life is good because I say so,
Not because it is and not because I think so
It is good because I can think to say it is
Therefore it is. It must be.


I am incessantly positive not because I am naive
But because it's the only way to remain civilized

"Life is Good because I Say So, Otherwise it Stinks".  I often thought that would be a better title for a book.  I juggled with the title in my head more then once, while writing this book.   G-d only knows I had the right circumstances to say it more then once; the stinking part.  Life is good??? You Must be joking.  It is anything but.  You have to make it. You have to convince yourself that what you're doing is right.  You have to go through the motions and fake it and then reach the other side and come up with such a statement: Life is Good.  

Any intelligent mind would tell you life and living is the most stupid thing to do.  It is what you do while waiting to die.  How more stupid can one be?  Even saying that life is good is stupid.  It's just as stupid as the combination of the words "Civil War".  There is nothing civil about a war and there is nothing good about life.  And yet despite it all, again and again the more I live the more I hear myself say: "Life is good", life is deliciously good.

wondering what' LIGBISS?

It's a way of thinking, it's a life style, it's the 1st letter of every word of a title of a book called:  "Life Is Good Because I Say So" - LIGBISS!